An exhibit of some 275 pieces of stoneware, mostly German and English, is now on view at the Warner House daily except Tuesdays until October 20, 2019 and subsequently to November 1, 2019 by appointment.

Prior to 1775, little stoneware was produced in America, and these types of ware were extensively imported and are frequent archaeological finds throughout the Colonies, and at Warner House in particular, as numerous displayed sherds will attest.

Drawn mostly from private area collections as well as Strawberry Banke and Saco Museums, the exhibit includes extreme rarities not generally on public view. There is a broad spectrum ranging from plain utilitarian wares to the highly decorative. Examples are displayed in case as well as table settings throughout the House.


  • Owl Jug
    Owl Jug

    A unique owl jug, probably Burslem, Staffordshire, England, circa 1720-1740.

  • Tankard

    An unusual tankard with image of Queen Anne over crowned “AR” for Anne Regina. Probably Staffordshire, England, circa 1703-1714.

  • Mug

    An extremely rare carved mug attributed to John Dwight, Fulham, England, circa 1700.

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