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Heralding the 2013 Season!

Heralding the 2013 Season! Design by James Smith

To coincide with the Treaty of Portsmouth in 1713 between the Eastern Abenaki Indians and the British colonies of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, the 2013 season focused on its earliest occupant, Capt. Archibald Macpheadris.

An updated tour script and an exhibit case highlighted Macpheadris, the Scots-Irish sea captain and merchant who was sailing to and from New England at the time of the treaty. Eventually, Macpheadris would settle in Portsmouth, and in 1716, the construction of his impressive brick mansion, now known as the Warner House, began.

To learn more information on the 1713 Treaty of Portsmouth, click here.


First opened in 1932 as a house museum, the Warner House returned in 2013 for its 81st season open to the public in the historic city of Portsmouth, NH. While guests visited an unfurnished museum in that first season, the Warner House now has period furnishings as well as many family furnishings and paintings that have returned to the house over the years. These cherished possessions illuminate the life of the six generations of family members who once called the Warner House home.