Brilliance: Early Glass in America, 1700-1850

From June through October 2020, the exhibit at the c. 1716 Warner House will be Brilliance: Early Glass in America, 1700-1850.


The exhibit consists of some 150 pieces of early glass in several broad categories:


  • English wine bottles and glasses, including wines, ales, jellies and syllabubs.
  • American free blown, pattern-moulded, blown-moulded and press-moulded glassware New England to Ohio.
  • Architectural, including window and mirror glass.
  • Corresponding archaeological shards from Warner House and Strawbery Banke Museum.


The glassware exhibit will emphasize changes in design and usage over time, and it will contain examples illustrating the early development and spread of glass making from New England through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio. Many of the most mundane utilitarian wares show an individuality in design, and beauty in brilliance and color that all should enjoy.

Featured glassware will be from the collections of the Warner House, Strawbery Banke Museum, other area museums, and private collectors.

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