2015 exhibits include Jonathan Warner's Wares and 100 Years of Wallace Nutting.  Both exhibits are free with admission to the Warner House.

JONATHAN WARNER'S WARES: A season-long ceramic exhibit featuring whole pieces based upon the archaeological shards found in various Warner House excavations, which date to Jonathan Warner's occupancy, 1760-1814.  Free with admission.

100 YEARS OF WALLACE NUTTING:  Photographer, artist, antiquarian and even preacher all describe Wallace Nutting (1861-1941), a New England native, who began taking countryside photographs on bike rides in 1899.  Eventually, he opened a studio for his prints and authored several books about the New England country side.  At his peak, he employed nearly 200 colorists, and by his own estimates, he sold ten million pictures.  He purchased the nearby Wentworth-Gardner House (Wentworth Lear Historic Houses) in 1915.  Nutting snapped countless photos of period-costumed models posed in area colonial homes.  This included the Warner House, and examples of Nutting's work are featured in the Whipple bed chamber.   

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